Company Profile

Over the past 25 years, our staff have constructed hundreds of aquatic projects during which we interacted with owners, designers, general contractors, subcontractors, manufacturers, and suppliers. In each step of our projects, we encountered certain issues that seemed to repeat themselves. So, we created solutions and duplicated those solutions in multiple projects.

Our Goal – Bridging the Gap Between Owners, Designers and Contractors

SIVAT’s staff has over eighty-five years of combined experience in installing and constructing aquatic equipment and systems. We bring this experience to new and retrofit projects. Often there is a disconnect between the owners, the designers, and the contractor. SIVAT bridges this gap by providing guidance in the procurement and implementation of the installation of an effective aquatic system.

Leaders in Aquatic Sales and Services

As leaders in aquatic sales and services, SIVAT Services builds and supplies equipment and systems that meet our clients’ needs. We work in multiple industries, but we particularly enjoy working in the aquatic life support (LSS) industry, aquaria/zoo exhibits, aquaculture systems, surf wave lagoons, what water parks, ponds, lakes, golf course waterways, water features, and general water treatment systems.