SIVAT is available to provide assistance to contractors in a few different ways.

Project Management – We can provide a full-time project manager to oversee the project. Our PM would be responsible for interacting with the owner, designer and general contractor, managing budget and schedule aspects of the project. In addition, the PM would be responsible for procurement and delivery of materials. This person would be located in our Austin office and would visit a site as deemed appropriate by the client.

Installation Review – We can provide periodic site visits during the course of installation to review for excellence and compliance with the contract documents. A report will be generated detailing our visit and any issues that were discovered and discussed during our visit.

Installation Supervision – We can provide a full-time on-site installation supervisor to offer guidance and expertise to local installation crews, ensuring that the installation is completed efficiently and correctly.

Equipment and material procurement – We supply all equipment and material needs for entire projects. This service assures the owner or contractor that the equipment and materials installed on a project adhere to the project specifications and design intent.

Skid-Mounted Systems – We pre-fabricate entire filtration systems built complete on individual portable skids. This service can save time and money on a job site.

Pre-Fabrication – Some projects have filter systems that are either too large or are not configured to allow effective skid mounted systems. Our customers can still benefit from our fabrication expertise in these systems, which can be completely fabricated in our facility and then disassembled and shipped to your project for quick and easy bolt-up assembly.