Pre-Construction Phase

With prior construction experience, SIVAT understands what is needed in the pre-construction phase.

Shop and/or Coordination Drawing Review – We can review your drawings prior to submission to the engineer and provide you with valuable feedback on the best method of installation.

Shop and/or Coordination Drawing Preparation – We can prepare the required drawings for submission to the engineer. We understand what the engineers are looking for and how to properly present drawings so that they are approved the 1st time.

Submittals – We can provide a complete and thorough submittal in the format that the engineer requires.

Equipment Sales, Material Sales, and Procurement – SIVAT is a distributor for most of the specialty equipment manufacturers in the aquatics industry, which includes zoo’s, aquariums, water parks, fountains, lakes, aquaculture, etc.

Planning and Scheduling – We understand what needs to be installed and how everything goes together. This gives us the knowledge needed to assist you in planning a successful project.