Sivat Services pre-fabricates entire filtration systems built complete on individual portable skids.

Why pre-fabricated skid-mounted filtration systems?

Shop pre-fabrication of skid-mounted filtration systems is a proven means for reducing field installation costs while providing the highest of quality in the products fabricated.? SIVAT Services works under strict quality control criteria to ensure the accuracy of skid-mounted systems in order to achieve the proper fit at-site and to maintain the required technical parameters defined by the client or specifications.

Cost Savings in Pre-Fabrication, Inspection, & Testing

  • Quality of the work is easier to manage and maintain in a controlled environment. High-accuracies on specified tolerances will avoid rework at-site.
  • Weather independent fabrication will minimize production delays.
  • Pre-fabricated skid-mounted filtration systems are the perfect answer to severe skill and labor shortage. Users do not have to mobilize significant work force for fabrication of filter systems on-site.
  • Manufacturing in mass production will result in lower manufacturing costs as compared to site installation.
  • Prefabricated skid-mounted filtration systems will take less fabrication/assembly time, thereby avoiding time and cost over runs.
  • Better control of fabrication in controlled environments resulting in less probability of rework at-site.
  • Lesser dependency on power availability, avoiding unnecessary time delays.
  • Improved safety conditions in a controlled environment than on-site.